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Finite Element Analysis
Ice Skating Rink
Moulding process
Lamination Process
Sandwich Panel Test
Failure Mode research

An engineer should be able to build what he designs

Burt Rutan, the man responsible for more innovations in modern aviation than any living engineer

Would you be part of the future? 


We'll provide superior value for your money. You can trust your product design into our hands. We have expertise in Design, Analysis and Optimization of Lightweight Structures using state of the art materials such as composites, light-weight modern aluminium and steel.

Having capabilities to design & build lightweight structures under one roof and the interaction between our designers and our builders are of paramount importance in our culture. Those who design, build; those who build, design. We learn to design and build better and quicker.

Our philosophy in advanced lightweight materials and vehicle integration is directed towards breakthrough in performance and in lower lifecycle cost. Structural Analysis and Mathematical Algorithms are used to help verifying and optimising the design respectively.

Master of Lightness

The secret to high quality lightweight structures lies in the so-called "TRINITY" - the interaction between design, material and manufacturing. The interaction between these three is crucial and must be thoroughly considered in every product development. Knowing only one aspect of the trinity will not lead to optimum product. This is especially true for composite structures


Robust Design

When a structure is properly designed, the weight is minimised and is cost-competitive with the alternatives. The process includes trade-off study, engineering simulation with linear and non-linear finite element model, and 3D modelling. On top of numerical analysis, structural testing is sometimes needed to verify the design


Depending on the material used, the quantity, and the products requirements, specific manufacturing processes are selected to yield optimal solutions  

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