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MIKROLETTE is 100% Indonesian company and established in 2019. We focus on the design and manufacturing of vehicle bodies using advanced materials and advanced manufacturing processes. 

We are engineers at heart with cost in mind. People at MIKROLETTE are expected to be curious, hands-on problem solvers and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. We believe that Engineering and Product Design are really team efforts; not only working with our internal team but working in close collaboration with our customers is of paramount importance in our daily business. We are committed to create a future that fully integrates new materials with product design and efficient manufacturing.  

MIKROLETTE stands for "Micro-Light" in Norwegian and "Sangat Ringan" in Indonesian. The fact that MIKROLET is known as the legendary Indonesian public transport; thus by combining the two, our vision and mission is to bring lightness and high-performance vehicle bodies to the Indonesian market and make them available for greater Indonesian public. One of our long-term visions is to make the Indonesian legendary Mikrolet known internationally.

The founder had the privilege studying, working and living in 5 different high-living-standard countries for the past 15 years before deciding to go back home and to serve Indonesian Community through creating innovative products and creating skilled jobs. He has expertise in lightweight structures, composite materials and structural optimisation. He was a former Airbus Research and Technology engineer where he involved in the cutting edge technology for the next generation aircraft design.  

We believe that Indonesian customers deserve high quality products; consequently a high standard of living can be achieved. As a start, medicine, meat and all frozen food needs to be carried inside a fully functioning temperature-controlled truck box. The lightweight, robust and efficient vehicle bodies will significantly reduce the fuel-consumption, improve safety on the road and increasing truck payload. Additionally, we will together support the government campaign to eliminate Over Dimension and Overload (ODOL).

We proudly design and build the state-of-the-art vehicle bodies locally "dari Kami Indonesia untuk Indonesia". MIKROLETTE’s R&D and Engineering team will make sure that we improve our technology every day and challenge the status quo of typical vehicle body design & manufacturing in Indonesia.

Our first few products have been used to transport blood by Indonesian Red Cross and to transport medicine and vaccine by Bangka local government; therefore, we will continue to serve our motherland with our CRAFT.

As a family run business, we strive for long term business relationships with our customers. You can expect a professional, friendly and the best customer service from us. We also love hearing feedback from you. Together we can create a better Indonesia!



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