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Imagine safer and lighter roads. Lighter fuel bills, too.

From Airbus cockpits to Indonesian highways, one engineer's dream takes flight.

Think "Micro-Light": Mikrolette's secret sauce – innovative, efficient, built with Indonesian pride.

We craft lightweight, fuel-sipping vehicles from aerospace-inspired materials and processes.

Fuel-efficient rides and family-like service – that's the Mikrolette difference you can trust.

Explore Mikrolette today. Reshape the road !

Build a brighter Indonesia, one lightweight journey at a time.

Our Values

Crafted with Indonesian pride, driven by global ambition. Every body we build moves the nation forward.


To be a pioneering force in Indonesia's automotive industry, contributing to a sustainable and efficient transportation landscape.


Designing, manufacturing, and delivering top-quality vehicle bodies that redefine industry standards, reduce environmental impact, and support government initiatives.

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