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Green by Design: Stronger, Lighter, Smarter, with Efficient Structures

MIKROLETTE excels in crafting advanced truck bodies with cutting-edge materials and lightweight designs in aluminum and steel. Our innovative team excels in engineering and design, tailoring solutions for temperature-controlled and dry freight transport across major truck manufacturers such as TOYOTA, HINO, MITSUBISHI, ISUZU, and more.

Refrigerated Box

  • Cutting-Edge Refrigeration​

  • Advanced Insulation

  • Robust Precision Engineering

  • Dependable Cold Chain Logistics

  • Tailored for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

Gambar 5_edited.png

Composite Dry Box

  • High-Tech Composite Build

  • Durable and Lightweight

  • Innovative Load Enhancement

  • Versatile Cargo Solution

Composite Box

Three-Wheeled Vehicles

  • Innovative, Compact, and Durable : 

A cutting-edge composite box designed for three-wheeled vehicles, offering compact, lightweight, and durable cargo transportation.

  • Efficient Mobility Solution :

Our electric refrigeration units redefine what's possible with three-wheeled vehicles.

  • Available for Dry Box and Refrigerated Box.

Refrigeration Unit Partners

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